**Citycamps are for students in Middle School or homeschooled students “going into” 6th-8th grade


What is the coolest thing you did this summer?

The annual writing assignment given on the first day of school is the same in schools across the nation, "What was the best part of your summer?" Our goal is to provide memorable and fun opportunities for students to write about when summer is over. These free camps are designed to allow students to come together in a positive atmosphere and challenge each other in fields that interest them. 

Art Camp   July 10-12         12:30-4:00pm

Art comes in many forms! This week will be filled with many Pinterest worthy crafts! Canvas painting, water color tutorials, characters drawing, face painting, t-shirt printing, and many more! When the time comes for paint to dry, we will enjoy some snacks, recreational time, and daily “question of the day.”

Video Game Camp  July 17-29      12:30-4:00pm

To answer your concerns before you ask--don't worry, we will not be playing video games for three and a half hours. We are going to throw back to the beginning of video games… 2 player style! We have several vintage game consoles that students will rotate through and explore: NES, Super Nintendo, Ps1, N64.... Prizes will be given for daily high scores and overall high scores. We will take a break for snacks, daily lesson, and recreational time. 

Cupcake Camp July 10-12         12:30-4:00pm

Looking for a yummy way to start a tasty hobby? Cupcake Camp will be a great place to inspire your creativity in the art of CUPCAKES!!! Information about kitchen safety, recipes, tricks and tips, and not to mention taste testing, will be a few things covered in this camp. Don’t worry, cupcakes are not the only thing on the menu (as if you were actually worried about that). cakes and other treats will be made and delivered to area fire stations.


Rap Camp   July 22 & 23                     12:30-4:00pm

Local Christian Artist Travis Dupri has a passion for music and lyrics. Travis performs at many youth events and he is looking for students to join a two day camp to learn about writing, creativity, and basics of how to begin your musical journey.

Dance Camp JULY 24-26 12:30-4:00

After only 3 days you will be ready to audition for Disney On Ice! Well maybe not quite… 3 days of dance will teach your child different styles of dance, stretches, techniques, Zumba, and how to follow choreography. This is perfect for students interested in dance but not quite feeling confident enough to join a studio yet. Our dance instructor is a certified Zumba instructor and has many years of dance experience to help your child enjoy themselves with supervision and training.

Survival Camp July 24-26 12:30-4:00

No fear of death here, just learning how to hike and learn the basics of trails, navigation, how to pack your bag, set up a tent, and things too look out for on the trail or other emergency scenarios. This camp is perfect for students who are lacking fatherly figures or just enjoys a reason to get outside. Slingshots range, Archery, and setting up camp are all on the schedule!



Q-- Will there be lunch?

A--NO LUNCH. However a designated snack time will be incorporated into the schedule. During this snack we have a “Question of the Day” designed to open dialogue about Jesus.


Q-- What do I need to bring?

A-- After you register, detailed information about the camp you have chosen will be sent to you via email.


Q-- Who is in charge?

A-- Kyle Hamlin is our full-time Youth Pastor. He is a certified/background checked volunteer with Berkeley County Schools with the Talk-To-Me Program. All additional volunteers have passed a background check and are volunteers within FBC’s other ministries.

Q-- Why North, South, or Berkeley County Homeschoolers?

A-- Great question! CityCamp is not just about creating something fun for your middle school students… There is a strong bond that happens at camp. As a result we want to cultivate those bonds so they may continue during the next school year. Not shrinking our map was our biggest regret our first year. About 1/4 of our students where from outside of Martinsburg. Once camp was over, they left. The students from North or South get to see each other all year. As a volunteer in the schools, Pastor Kyle is also able to continue to encourage and mentor students all year long.

North Middle, South Middle, Home School
Please choose at least one camp your child is interested in. (There is a cap of 16 students per camp)